Alba K9 Play Park and Sensory Garden


Does your dog get scared or nervous of other dogs on their walks?

Has off-lead time become a bit of a worry?

Would you like to have somewhere you can enjoy stress-free time with your dog, watching them use their natural skills?


Opening July 2018, Alba K9 Play Park is a secure dog run designed to give your dog physical exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment, in a safe and fun environment. It is the ideal space for young dogs still in training, dogs with little or no recall and dogs who are scared or anxious around other dogs or people, as well as owners who simply want some private one to one time with their dog. 

With areas for running, climbing, digging, sniffing and exploring, the play park has something to suit every dog and with secure, 7’ fencing you can relax and watch your dogs enjoy having the freedom to truly be themselves.

Because the dog's nose, knows!

Incorporated into a quiet corner of the play park, Alba K9’s Sensory Garden is the first of its kind open to the public in Scotland. Sensory gardens are popular in rescue centres across the uk as an alternative way of reducing stress.  Featuring a variety of plants, textures and materials to tantilise your dogs senses and encourage them to relax and interact with their surroundings. There are a number of medicinal plants and herbs for your dog to ‘self-select’, using their sense of smell and influenced by their physiological and psychological needs.

Dogs are naturally curious and the sensory garden gives them the opportunity to use natural canine skills.The various surfaces are perfect for puppies to explore and experience different textures under their feet, building their confidence. It’s the perfect environment for older dogs to relax. The park is a great escape for humans too!

Easy to get to in a quiet location close to the M80, the Park will be available for private hire, between 7am and 10pm, 7 days a week. Sign up to the news letter and keep an eye on the Alba K9 Facebook page for exciting updates and confirmation of the Play Park opening day!

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