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Play with other dogs can be good because it can be fun, however if that's all they get to do they are likely to become a bit of a nightmare for owners on walks - getting over-excited, pulling on the lead, running away to other dogs, not coming back when called and so on. The time your dog spends with a dog walker can have a huge impact on how they behave on walks with you.

Alba K9 Adventures are small groups of usually 4 - 6 dogs, so your dog gets the care and attention they deserve. All adventures include a mixture of physical exercise, fun games and enrichment, structured to make sure each dog has the best experience possible. We use a variety of walking routes and all activities are devoted to satisfying your dog’s natural curiosities and skills, which means you can relax at work knowing your dog is getting everything he needs.



Your dog deserves more than just a walk!

Do you struggle to find the time to exercise your dog?

Does your dog get over excited when he see's other dogs?

Does your dog just never seem to tire out, no matter how much he runs?

Solo Adventures - £18

Solo Adventures are for dogs who need their own space or dogs who have special requirements from their time with a walker. Solos are 45 minutes of one to one attention, exercise and games, tailored precisely to suit your dog’s needs. I have experience of walking reactive and nervous dogs and Solo Adventures can be arranged using a private paddock, so they can fully relax and

enjoy their time with me. 

Group Adventures - £10

Groups Adventures are an hour of physical exercise, exploring, games and mental stimulation. We take a different adventure every day of the week, so it never gets boring and it’s the perfect way to break up the day for your dog. 


Mini Adventures and home visits - £9

 Mini Adventures are 30 minutes long, with a short walk or home visit. Puppies can spend time practising skills and socialising to experience the world and build up their confidence, until they are ready to join in on longer walks or group adventures. Elderly dogs or dogs in recovery can take it at their own pace. Mini Adventures are usually 121 and so can completely tailored

to meet your dog’s needs.  

Covering around Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Denny and surrounding areas

Check out some Adventure Dogs in action!



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