There are many pet dogs and dogs in rescue centres who have the foundation skills needed to become a disability helper dog and provide valuable, practical support to their owners in times of need.

SuperDogs is an amazing concept in which trainers around the UK are supporting people to identify and train their own dog to carry out assistance dog tasks. As a trained SuperDogs instructor and a qualified Occupational Therapist, I can support people to identify how a dog could assist them from day to day with practical tasks like fetching items, opening doors, help undressing, or alerting you to an alarm or phone and fetching help when needed. Working with a network of experienced assistance dog trainers and behaviourists, you could even work towards qualifying your dog for public access.


I offer an initial assessment followed by one to one training and coaching sessions to suit each individual, where we can work together to find a dog or assess your own pet dog. We can plan and train the tasks you identify using effective reward-based training methods, from basic life skills to helper dogs tasks offering you practical support.


All training is reward-based and ethical, focusing on building a good relationship between you and your dog.

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